Documents Pertaining to the Buffalo River Watershed

These documents have been used in the past or are currently being used to assess the conditions/progress of the watershed. Additional documents may be available upon request to BNR. Documents marked with an * are very large and may take some time to download to your computer.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. A Wildlife Survey of the Lower Buffalo River Area of Concern, Buffalo, Erie County, New York. 2013.

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. 2013. Habitat Action Plan.

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. 2014. Buffalo River Area of Concern: A Monitoring Plan for the Delisting of “Impaired” Benefecial Use Impairments.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. Riverwatch Report on Buffalo River RAP coordinated Bacteriological Sampling, Summer 2014.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. Buffalo River Bacteriological Sampling Data from 2011 – 2013

Former Buffalo Color Corporation Site – Area D – Site Management Plan (MALTEL, 2015).

Record Drawings – Remediation Construction – Buffalo Color Area D Site, Buffalo NY

CH2MHILL. 2012. Appendix H Sediment Remediation and Habitat Restoration Buffalo River Area of Concern. Buffalo, New York. Prepared for EPA.

CH2MHILL. 2012. Appendix C Acute Toxicity and Bioaccumulation Assessment of Buffalo River Sediment. Buffalo, New York. Prepared for EPA.

CH2MHILL. 2012. Data Summary Report Buffalo River AOC Baseline Remedial Assessment Study. Buffalo, New York. Prepared for EPA Region 10

Diggins, T.P. and Snyder, R.J. 2003.Three Decades of Change in the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community and Water Quality in the Buffalo River Area of Concern, 1964-1993.Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(4): 652-663.

Diggins, T.P. and Stewart, K.M. 1993.Deformities of Aquatic Larval Midges (Chironomidae: Diptera) in the Sediments of the Buffalo River, New York.Journal of Great Lakes Research 19(4): 648-659.

Ecology & Environment. 2011. Interim Buffalo River Area of Concern (AOC) Strategic Plan for Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) Delisting. USACE Contract #W912P4-10-D-0002.

Environ, MacTec, and LimnoTech. 2011. Feasibility Study for the Buffalo River, New York.

Ecology & Environment. 2011. Buffalo River Ecological Restoration Management Plan (ERMP).

Environ, MacTec, and LimnoTech. 2009. Sediment Remedial Investigation Report for the Buffalo River, New York

Friends of the Buffalo River. 1996.Buffalo River Greenway Plan and Design Guidelines.

Great Lakes Laboratory. 1979.A Survey of the Crustacean Zooplankton of the Buffalo River.Great Lakes Laboratory Special Report 20.*

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan.

Hickey, J.T. 1984.1984 Fish Tumor Survey in the Niagara River System. Pilot Study Report. United States Fish and Wildlife Service.*

Irvine, K.N. 2007.Assessment of Trophic Status and Phytoplankton Population Characteristics in the Buffalo River AOC.

Irvine, K.N. et al. 2003.Contaminated Sediment in the Buffalo River Area of Concern – Historical Trends and Current Conditions.

Irvine, K.N., Perrelli, M.F., McCorkhill, G., and Caruso, J. 2005.Sampling and Modeling Approaches to Assess Water Quality Impacts of Combined Sewer Overflows – The Importance of a Watershed Perspective.Journal of Great Lakes Research, 31:105-115.

Irvine, K.N., Snyder, R.J., Diggins, T.P., Sinn, B., Chuey, C.F., Jedlicka, J., and Barrett O’Neill, J. 2005.Assessment of Potential Aquatic Habitat Restoration Sites in the Buffalo River Area of Concern.

Irvine, K.N., Stein, G.P., and Singer, J.K. 1990.An Environmental Guidebook to the Buffalo River.*

Jaffe, R. and Hites, R.A. 1986.Anthropogenic, Polyhalogenated, Organic Compounds in Non-Migratory Fish from the Niagara River Area and Tributaries to Lake Ontario.Journal of Great Lakes Research, 12 (1): 63-71.

Kozuchowski, E. 1989.A Survey of Benthic Macroinvertebrates of the Buffalo River and a Comparison to Past Surveys and a Different Method of Collection.

Kozuchowski, E., Poole, E.A., and Lowie, C. 1993.Buffalo River Fisheries Assessment. Report on the results of the 1992 larval and adult fish survey.U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Kozuchowski, E.S., Poole, E.A., and Lowie, C.E. 1994.The Fishes of the Buffalo River , Buffalo, New York: Report on the results of the 1993 larval and adult fish survey, and summary of two years of data.Lower Great Lakes Fishery Resources Office, US Fish and Wildlife Service.*

Makarewicz, J.C., Dilcher, R.C., Haynes, J.M., and Shump, K. 1982.Biological Survey: Buffalo River and Outer Harbor of Buffalo, N.Y.US Army Corps of Engineers.*

Mann-Klager, D.P. Hickey, J.T., Stilwell, D.A. 1993.Assessment of Potential Habitat Restoration Areas within the Buffalo River Area of Concern, Buffalo, New York. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.*

Meredith, D.D. and Rumer, R. R. 1987.Sediment Dynamics in the Buffalo River.Department of Civil Engineering; SUNY Buffalo.

NO LINK—-Morris, S.R., Sheets, H.D., Stephan, B.K., Knott, L.T., Parise, A.M., Hamilton, M., and DeLeon, R.L. 2007.Avain Species Composition in Disturbed Riparian Environments: A Study of Three Waterways in Western New York.

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. 1982.Control of Toxic Industrial Discharges in the Niagara River Basin.*

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 1993.Fish and Wildlife Habitat Inventory and Assessment of the Lower Buffalo River Watershed.*

紐約州12月,軍n of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources. August 2002.Contaminants in Young-of-year Fish from Near-shore Areas of New York’s Great Lakes Basin, 1997.*

紐約州12月,軍n of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources. August 2006.PCB’s and Organochlorine Pesticides Residue in Young-of-Year Fish from Traditional Near-Shore Sampling Areas NYS’s Great Lakes Basin, 2003.*

NYSDEC Division of Fish and Wildlife. March 1978.Toxic Substances in Fish and Wildlife.1977 Annual Report, Volume 1. Technical Report 78-1 (BEP).

NYSDEC Division of Fish and Wildlife. March 1979.Toxic Substances in Fish and Wildlife.1978 Annual Report, Volume 2. Technical Report 79-1 (BEP).

NYSDEC Division of Fish and Wildlife. September 1987.Toxic Substances in Fish and Wildlife.Analyses Since May 1, 1982, Volume 6. Technical Report 87-4.

紐約州12月,軍n of Water. February 2005.Rotating Integrated Basin Studies, Water Quality Assessment Program, New York Statewide Waters Monitoring Program. The Niagara River – Lake Erie Drainage Basin; Sampling Years 2000-2001.*

紐約州12月,軍n of Water. September 2005.The 2002 Niagara River/Lake Erie Basin Waterbody Inventory and Priority Waterbodies List.

Pettibone, G.W., and Irvine, K. N. 1996.Levels and Sources of Indicator Bacteria Associated with the Buffalo River “Area of Concern,” Buffalo, New York.Journal of Great Lakes Research 22(4): 896-905.

Rafferty, S. and Grazio, J. 2006.Field Manual for Assessing Internal and External Anomalies in Brown Bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus).Pennsylvania Sea Grant.

Sargent, D.H. 1975.Water Pollution Investigation: Buffalo River.United States Environmental Protection Agency. EPA-905/9-74-010.*

Sauer, D.E. 1979.An Environmental History of the Buffalo River.*

Singer, J., Irvine, K.N., Snyder, R., Shero, B., Manley, P., and McLaren, P. 1994.Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessment of the Buffalo River Area of Concern and Watershed.

Skinner, et al. 2009.數據報告的有機化學物質和殘留Four Metals in Edible tissues and Whole Fish for Fish Taken from the Buffalo River, New York.

Sweeney, R.A. 1970.Survey of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Analysis of Water and Sediment from the Buffalo River, 1969.

Sweeney, R.A. 1971.Survey of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Analysis of Water and Sediment from the Buffalo River, 1970.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District. 2010.Finding of no significant impact and environmental assessment: Buffalo Harbor dredging, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Erie County Buffalo NY.

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers – Buffalo District. 1988.Buffalo River Sedimentation Study: Buffalo and West Seneca, New York.

USEPA and NYSDEC. 2005.Reductions of Toxics Loading to the Niagara River from Hazardous Waste Sites in the United States.*

USEPA. 1993.Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments (ARCS) Program; Biological and Chemical Assessment of Contaminated Great Lakes Sediment.*

USEPA. March 1985.Preliminary Evaluation of Chemical Migration to Groundwater and the Niagara River from Selected Waste – Disposal Sites.EPA-905/4-85-001

Remedial Action Plans and Status Reports

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